UV Curing System For Bobst Gravure Press

Jingke UV curing system advantages:

• Low maintenance and compact design.
• High efficiency UV output.
• Low cost replacement lamps and reflectors.
• High UV speed and print quality achieved.
• Easy control through control panel.
• Continuous UV dimming 20% to 100%.

The UV curing stepless control system:

• The unique stepless dimming technology, linear adjustable from 20% to 100%.
• Modular combination structure, each set of lamp can realize independent control separate starting adjustment.
• High stability, high technology content, high cost performance.
• Microcomputer touch screen operation, easy to understand, fault display in English automatic popup dialog window.
• Over-current, over-voltage, high temperature protection alarm.
• Strong, weak light automatic conversion, linkage with the printing press, Multi-lamp arbitrary choice.