UV Curing System For Ryobi MHI 750

Jingke UV curing system advantages:

Cooling system 
The water cooling system of the shutter and reflector ensures that excess heat during printing can be effectively removed. In addition, the built-in air cooling device not only for the UV lamp to provide continuous cooling, can also produce a small amount of ozone generated in the production process.

High security
The miniature limit switch sensor controls the position of the reflector, and both the reflector and the interior of the light box are fitted with a temperature sensor to prevent the system from overheating.

Easy maintenance
All UV curing unit components, including lamps, reflectors and pneumatic devices can be easily maintained. The lamp can be replaced quickly and easily, shortening the standby time.

Compact UV module design
Compact water-cooled module light box using a one-time extrusion of aluminum to ensure the highest product quality and minimum space requirements.

Low maintenance – simple maintenance 
Lamp cassette can be easily inserted into the press, all the energy supply interface are used plug-in design. Maintenance, Lamp cassette from the room outside the room, easy to carry out maintenance of all components. This means that the standby time for maintenance operations can be minimized.

End of press UV

• The energy supplies can be connected on the drive side without any tools.
• When required the interdeck units can be moved quickly and easily to different prepared interdeck positions.
• Fast Lamp Change.
• Low transfer of heat to the press.
• Low maintenance and compact design.

Interdeck UV

• Jingke end of press UV systems are designed using the latest technology.
• Automatic connections for all supplies.
• Compact and narrow construction.
• Fast lamp and reflector change.
• High effciency reflector design.

Power cabinet and control

• A lower heat emission, satisfies the requirement of the temperature of the electric cabinet and workshop.
• In the power grid voltage fluctuation, the power output automatically compensate adjustment.
• Energy saving low stand by power.
• Transformers or electronic power supplies.
• Fast off and restart of lamps.
• Simple to use touch screen control.
• Super safe design, with individual rcd lamp protection.