UV Curing System For Sotech Gravure Press

Jingke UV curing system advantages:

In addition to the savings to be made from low-energy production, availability of the printing press can also be improved.The UV system has been specifically designed to ensure that machine downtimes are reduced. All servicing work can be performed quickly and easily, saving both time and money.

Cooling system
The water cooling system of the shutter and reflector ensures that excess heat during printing can be effectively removed. In addition, the built-in air cooling device not only for the UV lamp to provide continuous cooling, can also produce a small amount of ozone generated in the production process.

With over 15 years experience installing UV and IR systems on printing machines, Jingke knows what works.

High security 
The miniature limit switch sensor controls the position of the reflector, and both the reflector and the interior of the light box are fitted with a temperature sensor to prevent the system from overheating.

Easy maintenance
All UV curing unit components, including lamps, reflectors and pneumatic devices can be easily maintained. The lamp can be replaced quickly and easily, shortening the standby time.

The UV curing stepless control system

• The unique stepless dimming technology, linear adjustable from 20% to 100%.
• Modular combination structure, each set of lamp can realize independent control separate starting adjustment.
• High stability, high technology content, high cost performance.
• Microcomputer touch screen operation, easy to understand, fault display in English automatic popup dialog window.
• Over-current, over-voltage, high temperature protection alarm.
• Strong, weak light automatic conversion, linkage with the printing press, Multi-lamp arbitrary choice.