Electronic Power Supply Products

Electronic Power Supply

Electronic Power Supply: High efficiency and low energy consumption Simple to use touch screen control Increased production process safety Compact and light construction Continuously adjust the output power...
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UV Lamp Unit for Label Printing Products

UV Lamp Unit for Label Printing

UV Lamp Curing Unit for Label Printing: Modern and unique design Quick change cassette Quick and easy lamp changes Lower energy consumption High efficiency of the UV system...
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UV Cooling Cabinet Products

UV Cooling Cabinet

UV Cooling Cabinet: The water cooling system of the shutter and reflector ensures that excess heat during printing can be effectively removed. Using the United States Copeland scroll...
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UV Control Cabinet Products

UV Control Cabinet

Jingke UV Control Cabinet: Increased production process safety. Can be from 20% to 100% range continuous stepless dimmer. Energy saving low stand by power. Transformers or electronic power...
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LED UV Module Products

LED UV Module

The UV LED system has many advantages: Longer life: the service life is more than 10 times the traditional UV mercury lamp, about 20,000 to 30,000 hours. Instant...
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