Are UV inks & UV coatings less safe than conventional inks and coatings?

UV inks and UV coatings are benign chemical formulations that do not contain solvents or other difficult chemistries.

  • UV ink will not dry when exposed to air
  • UV ink will not evaporate when time passes

Therefore, UV ink must be removed from hands, arms, clothing, tables, furniture by washing with soap and water. Also, printers must be aware to remove ink from any surface that it touches. Otherwise, UV ink will remain chemically ACTIVE and transfer to other surfaces as an active chemistry.

Is UV Ink Safe? YES! UV ink, UV coating and UV adhesives have been approved by the FDA for direct food contact. Printers commonly use UV inks on:

  • Milk Cartons
  • Ice Cream Cartons
  • Chocolate & Cookie Wrappers
  • Plus Thousands of other food packaging
Date:July 2, 2018  Category:FAQ
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