UV Curing Reduces Scrap and Increases Yield

UV curing takes a couple of seconds to work. This means that you can spot curing problems almost immediately. Therefore, with these systems, you are going to enjoy a reduction in the amount of scrap produced.

For instance, two part adhesives typically take several days to cure completely. After that, you need to perform quality control testing. During this time, you are more likely to end up with many scrap parts.

In coating and painting applications, the reduced time it will take to cure the materials with UV means that you will reduce the chances that particles and dust will contaminate the incomplete surface as you paint it. In most UV systems, there are quality control procedures you can follow to inspect the adhesive, coating, or ink application before you start the UV curing process. In case you find problems with your ink, adhesive, or coating, you can remove it before it ruins your entire project. This means that you can easily solve problems if you are using an UV curing system, and return the part back into the production line.