Inert Gas UV Curing for Jingke UV System

Positive effects of inertisation on the production process include:

  • Excellent surface-curing and outstanding characteristics
  • Complete curing by precipitation, no postcuring
  • Even problematic colours including full surface white can run at high speeds
  • Cost saving through lower photo initiator levels within the UV inks and varnishes
  • Less migration because of significantly lower amounts of photo initiator and high cross-linking levels
  • Less UV irradiation and increased production speed
  • Reduced ozone production
  • Smell reduction
  • Less yellowing

The main characteristic of inert gas UV curing for JingKe UV systems is as follows:

  1. UV lamp installed in a closed space with an inert gas for curing,Can improve the product in the curing of ozone in the atmosphere, odor and yellowing phenomenon.
  2. In an inert gas space solidification can ensure stable curing condition.
  3. UV output power and machine speed linkage and flexible adjustment.
  4. Curing chamber and the cooling chamber can be up and down pneumatic separation, achieve rapid replacement of quartz glass, convenient maintenance.
  5. Equipped with standby mode, can reduce the consumption of electricity, gas.
  6. More suitable for the curing of crosslinking silicone coating.

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