Features of the UV curing system

Instantaneous curing

  • Time saving: Can cure a workpiece within 0.1 to several seconds.
  • Space saving: Offers a compact system design.
  • Cost saving: The optimum-scale system can be designed to suit the required throughput.

Low-temperature curing

  • Accommodates heat-susceptible materials: Can treat any type of material.
  • Energy saving: Only the required area is irradiated with ultraviolet rays on an as-necessary basis.

No environmental impact and extra safety

  • Improvement of the working environment: The system fundamentally requires no solvents and is driven by electric power, eliminating air pollution and odors.
  • Simplified equipment: Solvent treatment and antipollution equipment are no longer required.

Higher quality

  • Improved strength: The cured material acquires a higher mechanical strength.
  • No damage/odors: Can cure the material uniformly and eliminate odors of ink and paint.
  • Can produce a metal-like burnish and a high-quality feeling.
  • Offers significantly increased resistance to solvents, chemicals, and contamination.
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