4 advantages of UV curing system

4 advantages of UV curing system:

1. UV Curing Improves Physical Properties

Manufacturers typically consider UV curing systems because it improves gloss and ensures better resistance against abrasion and scratches. Similarly, these systems provide better chemical resistance, greater strength, elasticity, hardness, and adhesion, and improved resistance to crazing.

2. It Leads to Faster Production Capacity and Speeds

Any process that requires less space, allows for higher production speeds and involves less direct labor undoubtedly makes more resources and facilities available for purposes of improving production capacity. With an UV curing system, you should be able to enjoy higher throughput, increased machine utilization and less down town. Ultimately, this will improve the capacity of your plant. These systems will also increase your productivity, better your plants, and ensure you use your equipment more profitably.

3. It Reduces Work-in-Process

If you wish to reduce manufacturing cycle time, you should consider getting your own curing system. By reducing the work-in-process, these systems will save capital and improve cash flow significantly.

4. Reduces Clean-Up and Set-Up Labor

Since UV chemistries never cure unless they are exposed to UV energy, you can leave them on overnight knowing that they coating or ink will not dry in the machine. This is an advantage if you are in the graphic arts printing industry, or if you are using your UV curing system for coding/marking machines, or plastic decorating machines.