Why Use UV Curing?

Prior to the advent of UV cured inks and varnishes, many printers and converters struggled to obtain ink density and performance. Water & solvent based systems require hot air or IR drying equipment to flash off solvents or water to yield a 60% solid ink or coating. Ultraviolet inks & coatings are made up of 100% solid materials which yield a 100% solid ink or coating when properly cured.

Why Use UV Curing

It is proven that the use of UV cured inks adhesives and coatings offers superior results including:

  • 100% Solid inks provide higher print quality – vibrant solids and cleaner, sharper dot structures
  • Better end product performance due to outstanding abrasion & chemical resistance
  • Super high gloss, chemically resistant varnishes protect the printed surface better, make the printing “pop” and are much less expensive than film laminates
  • Less down time as UV inks and coatings can remain in the machine overnight or between shift changes (simply cover the pan)
  • Higher profitability in flexo printing as they produce less waste
    • 100% solid UV inks do not change colors
    • Excellent print impression is much easier and faster to obtain
  • Improved throughput – higher line speeds from instantaneous curing
  • Environmentally friendly – ultraviolet curing does not produce Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC's) which are the leading cause of destroying the ozone layer that protects the earth from harmful elements of the sun.
Date:June 29, 2018  Category:FAQ