UV Curing System for Heidelberg CD 74

Jingke UV curing system advantages:

  • Instant drying of sheets off the press.
  • Lowest energy use and most environmentally friendly.
  • High UV speed and print quality achieved.
  • Control unit with graphical display and touch panel, easy operate and complete monitor the operation procedure.
  • Compact and narrow construction.
  • Fast lamp and reflector change.

End of press UV

  • Jingke end of press UV systems are designed using the latest technology.
  • Fast lamp and reflector change.
  • UV lamp unit as single slide-in cassettes.
  • Quick change slide-in cassette.
  • Automatic connections for all supplies.
  • Low maintenance and compact design.

Interdeck UV

  • Jingke interdeck UV systems are designed to be light and simple to move to different positions on the press as required.
  • The energy supplies can be connected on the drive side without any tools.
  • When required the interdeck units can be moved quickly and easily to different prepared interdeck positions.
  • UV unit as slide-in cassette,Lamp Cassette design allows for quick and easy maintenance.
  • Fast Lamp Change.
  • Low maintenance and compact design.

Electronic power supply

  • When the grid voltage changes about ± 10%, it will not affect the lamp output power.
  • A lower heat emission, satisfies the requirement of the temperature of the electric cabinet and workshop.
  • In the power grid voltage fluctuation, the power output automatically compensate adjustment.
  • Energy saving low stand by power.
  • Transformers or electronic power supplies.
  • Fast off and restart of lamps.
  • Simple to use touch screen control.
  • Super safe design, with individual rcd lamp protection.