UV Curing System for Komori S40

The best thermal performance 

Efficient module design reduces exhaust airflow and further reduces operating costs.

Easy maintenance

All UV curing unit components, including lamps, reflectors and pneumatic devices can be easily maintained. The lamp can be replaced quickly and easily, shortening the standby time.

High security 

The miniature limit switch sensor controls the position of the reflector, and both the reflector and the interior of the light box are fitted with a temperature sensor to prevent the system from overheating.

The Promise Control System of UV Lamp Power 

Depending on the printing speed, the control system can freely adjust the output power of the UV lamp between 20% and 100%. In the standby phase, the output power of the UV lamp is automatically reduced

End of press UV

  • Automatic connections for all supplies.
  • Compact and narrow construction.
  • Simplified air and water cooling.
  • Fast lamp and reflector change.
  • UV lamp unit as single slide-in cassettes.
  • Quick change slide-in cassette.

Interdeck UV

  • Compact UV module design.
  • Jingke interdeck UV units are designed to be light and simple to move to different positions on the press as required.
  • Low transfer of heat to the press.
  • Easy to move to other positions.
  • Fast Lamp Change.
  • UV unit as slide-in cassette,Lamp Cassette design allows for quick and easy maintenance.

Power cabinet and control

  • The electronic power supply can continuously adjust the output power of the lamp according to the printing speed.
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption.
  • When the grid voltage changes about ± 10%, it will not affect the lamp output power.
  • Can be from 20% to 100% range continuous stepless dimmer.
  • High output power factor, low current consumption, high efficiency and energy saving province electricity.
  • Compared to traditional transformer volume smaller, lighter, easy to install in the control cabinet.
  • Due to the very compact construction of the electronic power supply control device, the space required for the electric cabinet is also relatively reduced.