UV Curing System for Cerutti Rotogravure Press

Jingke UV curing system advantages:

The Promise Control System of UV Lamp Power 

Depending on the printing speed, the control system can freely adjust the output power of the UV lamp between 20% and 100%. In the standby phase, the output power of the UV lamp is automatically reduced.

Easy maintenance

All UV curing unit components, including lamps, reflectors and pneumatic devices can be easily maintained. The lamp can be replaced quickly and easily, shortening the standby time.

Compact UV module design

Compact water-cooled module light box using a one-time extrusion of aluminum to ensure the highest product quality and minimum space requirements.

Cooling system

The water cooling system of the shutter and reflector ensures that excess heat during printing can be effectively removed. In addition, the built-in air cooling device not only for the UV lamp to provide continuous cooling, can also produce a small amount of ozone generated in the production process.

Water cooled UV lamp cassette

  • Utility interface designed with end plug type, turn on:Insert the printer,turn off:take out the printer,simple and flexible, easy to maintain.
  • Total internal closed circulating water, effectively reduce the leakage fault.
  • Can be used for different equipment and printing substrate, different reflector, in order to achieve the ideal effect.
  • The overall mold a molding, simple and compact structure, light volume, disassembling flexible.
  • Using cold light reflector, enhance UV energy output at the same time reduce the temperature.
  • Elaborate practical design can realize UV lamp replacement fast, convenient maintenance.
  • Provided by seal design to prevent dust and pollutants, significantly improve the lamp and UV system life.