UV Curing System for KBA Rapida 105 Printing Press

Jingke UV curing stepless control system:

  • The unique stepless dimming technology, linear adjustable from 20% to 100%.
  • Modular combination structure, each set of lamp can realize independent control separate starting adjustment.
  • High stability, high technology content, high cost performance.
  • Microcomputer touch screen operation, easy to understand, fault display in English automatic popup dialog window.
  • Over-current, over-voltage, high temperature protection alarm.
  • Strong, weak light automatic conversion, linkage with the printing press, Multi-lamp arbitrary choice.

End of press UV

  • High effciency reflector design.
  • Automatic connections for all supplies.
  • Compact and narrow construction.
  • Simplified air and water cooling.
  • UV lamp unit as single slide-in cassettes.
  • Quick change slide-in cassette.

Interdeck UV

  • Compact UV module design.
  • UV unit as slide-in cassette,Lamp Cassette design allows for quick and easy maintenance.
  • UV-units can be installed between the  print units.
  • Fast lamp and reflector change.
  • Low transfer of heat to the press.

Power cabinet and control

  • Energy saving low stand by power.
  • Transformers or electronic power supplies.
  • Fast off and restart of lamps.
  • Simple to use touch screen control.
  • Super safe design, with individual rcd lamp protection.
  • Low energy consumption:high electrical efficiency up to 97%.
  • Compact and light construction.
  • When the grid voltage changes about ± 10%, it will not affect the lamp output power.
  • Due to the very compact construction of the electronic power supply control device, the space required for the electric cabinet is also relatively reduced.